The Dhupa Story.

We are a husband and wife team frustrated with the lack of quality, but affordable options for incense and smudge sticks in The Philippines.

We felt that it always took a long time and it is pricey to order smudge sticks and incense for meditation. Also, the available options in the market are rarely of great quality.

So, my husband figured that it would be a great idea to carefully curate incense, smudge sticks, fragrance, and other healthy, organic products for everyone as scent-obsessed and grounding and meditation-crazed as I.

What's in a name? Dhupa is, in Indian religions, the ritual offering of incense during puja to an image of a deity, or other object of veneration. It is also the Sanskrit word for incense or perfume itself. The Thai language also borrows this word from Sanskrit to call joss sticks or incense sticks, by omitting "a" in the word Dhupa.

Smudge Sticks

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul of negative thoughts of a person or place. 

We have curated different types of smudge sticks to help you clear your space while meditating.

We've sourced our smudge sticks from Turkey, Peru, and India.


High Quality Incense

Lighting incense is a symbolic act of offering to gods, deities, spirits, and ancestors.

Whatever your religion or culture, incense gives you a sense of relaxation and calm for meditation and grounding.

As with everything else in our store, we carefully selected them for our customers to appreciate.


All-Natural Health Products

We have partnered with local artisans, who work with organic and all-natural ingredients. Soap, balms, and oil should look as beautiful as they make you feel.


Reiki Healing

We have collaborated with Therese Galang, a well-loved reiki practitioner to provide distance energy healing for those, who need it.



Tarot Reading

We are very, very happy to announce that we are collaborating with the wonderful Norman Lamela, who specializes in multiple cards, to help you with your most nagging questions.